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Sewer Cleaning Services

All sewer systems require maintenance and periodical cleaning to prevent clogged sewer lines.  If not cleaned frequently, clogs may form, stopping water flow allowing the water to back-up and causing it weep through solids, or can lead to a sewer spill.

The most common cause of sewer drain blockages is simple build-up, typically from dirt, debris and mineral deposits.

If you work in a restaurant, food processing facility or somewhere similar, you’ll also find that grease and other organic matter can build up in pipes and drain lines very quickly. So what are you supposed to do when these blockages happen? If you have a serious problem, call on Pipe InterTech and our technicians can clear drains and sewer lines.

If your problem is more than a standard blockage, we can diagnose the issue and repair lines if needed.

Pipe is jetted to clean out debris and get it ready for repair.

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