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We offer Video Inspection Services to Identify Your Problem

Using specially designed video cameras have become a major plumbing tool in recent years.  A well trained technician can feed a camera down your pipelines and record the video images, allowing a detailed review of your pipe problems.

Pipe InterTech will provide video pipe inspection services on any accessible building pipes, in-ground pipes, vaults, manholes, and any other underground structures. This  includes all sizes of sewer, storm water, any any other pipe where visual inspection is necessary.

The purpose of the video inspection is to is to detect any blockages, breaks, laterals, as well as other information that cannot be determined from the surface. If needed, we can clear certain pipes of obstructions by deploying a jetting / cleaning technology.

Once the inspection is complete, we will give you a copy of the inspection, as well as, our list of recommended remedies.

Contact us today to learn more about getting your pipes inspected.